Thursday, December 30, 2010

No War Against Iran - November Digest

“The only real thing about this war is the dead and wounded soldiers and civilians, the wasted tax dollars and the mounting evidence telling us to get out.”
  • New Low For Afghanistan War: 47 Percent of Military Families Want Troops Brought Home « SpeakEasy
Every day, more and more people are willing to state the obvious: the Afghanistan War isn’t making us safer and it’s not worth the cost. Now the president is losing a powerful constituency on his Afghanistan policy: almost half of military families say the troops should be brought home .
Half of $7.5b US aid to be funneled through gov. ministries, not aid groups.
US more than willing to let Yemen take the blame for killing civilians, children.
Diplomatic cables reveal the U.S. has been launching strikes in Yemen, but attacks are claimed by local government
  • It's Official: White House Brands Wikileaks, And All Those Associated, As Criminals | zero hedge
  • The US of A breaks the Soviet record - Glenn Greenwald -
As of tomorrow, the American occupation of Afghanistan will have lasted longer than the suicidal Soviet one
  • YouTube - Brzezinski on the Afghan war Pt1
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  • Afghanistan will be gripped by 'extreme violence' after troops leave | World news | The Guardian
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"In fact, Yemeni officials suspect he had been serving as a "double agent" planted in al Qaeda by the Saudis, according to the AP."
  • Saudi arms deal is about Iran (Rep. Ron Paul) - The Hill's Congress Blog
"We are told that our increasingly aggressive policies toward Iran are justified by that country’s rigid Islamic laws and human-rights violations, while the even more repressive Islamic rule in Saudi Arabia is never mentioned."