Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bill Moyers' Journal : LBJ's Path to War

In LBJ's Path to War, Bill Moyers examines LBJ's deliberations leading up to the escalation in Vietnam. The presentation makes use of tape recordings made in the oval office, and other archival footage. Watch it here. (2 parts). I would say he was led by the nose into Vietnam based on what I have seen here.
Robert ReichLyndon Johnson secretly recorded many of the phone calls and conversations he had in the White House. In this broadcast, you're going to hear excerpts that reveal how he wrestled over what to do in Vietnam. There are hours of tapes and the audio quality is not the best, but I've chosen a few to give you an insight into the mind of one president facing the choice of whether or not to send more and more American soldiers to fight in a far-away and strange place.