Tuesday, August 31, 2010


by William Jason Mathews on Thursday, May 20, 2010 at 8:40pm

Our monetary, environmental and security problems are not a right versus left issue! The real right and the real left are both aware of the problem, and find themselves on the same side of the banker's corporate sword; though they may have different solutions to the threat. The real dichotomy is the bought-out politicians, the kleptomaniac corporations, and the dumbed-down media against the rest of humanity.

The progressives and the libertarians, the environmentalists and the entrepreneurs, the Christians and the scientists, the middle classes and the urban poor need to unite together against the thieves and liars who run this country and who buy and sell us and our children into debt slavery on a daily basis. Wake up and realize which side you are truly on. As long as the little divisions are the ones we are seeing we will remain divided and unable to face down the corporate Leviathan that has swallowed this country whole.

Our enemy is large and strong but thick and arrogant. Where he is sluggish, we are nimble. Where he is slow to change, we are quick to adapt. Where he is false and disingenuous, we are righteous and truthful. Where he must purchase his allies, ours come of their own free will. Where he has greed, we have truth. Let the games begin.

Corporations are NOT people. Corporations are by their very nature a-political and anti-social. Sharks don't have politics, friendships, or emotions... only hunger and an implacable need to keep swimming. You cannot reason with a beast. You can only kill it or run.